About Alwa


A community based organization
with the intent of enhancing literacy
one child at a time.


Mission Statement

We are the only library and learning center in the village of Alwa Uganda and as such, our intent is to enhance literacy one child at a time in any and all surrounding communities that care to participate.  

We expose children to literacy at an early age and work with the teachers of Atete Primary School to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to learning at a high capacity. 



Mary Akiyo, Co-Founder

Mary Akiyo runs all operations of the Alwa Foundation from Uganda. She assures that the facilities are properly maintained and all is running smoothly. 

Lekea Itero, Co-Founder

Lekea Itero is the head of operations in Seattle, WA for the Alwa Foundation.  She coordinates donations and facilitates fund-raising events in the name of Alwa.


Please be aware that the Alwa Foundation is not as of yet a tax exempt
organization. We will keep you posted the second we do become one.